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About RF Electronics

RF Electronics started with a simple premise – to offer a strong line of high quality car audio products with a strong in-house technical support. While acknowledging the fact that many car audio distributors rely on outsourced technical support,... click here to read more.

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STP Sound Proofing Material
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Introduction - New Product

Rockford fosgate Prime R400-4D Amplifier
RF Prime R400-4D

The Prime R400-4D amplifier offers high efficiency through the implementation of its Class-D circuitry while being able to power a full-range system. This amplifier is optimized for 4-channel front/rear systems so you can run midrange/tweeters in the front doors/dash while running midrange/tweeters in the rear doors/deck. Match with a mono amplifier for subwoofers and you'll have a Rockford Fosgate system that any Car Audio Fanatic will envy.

Rockford fosgate Class BR Amplifier - PBR300X4RF Class BR Amp PBR300X4

300 Watt BRT Full-Range 4-Channel Amplifier
The PBR300X4 is a full-range 4-channel amplifier designed for stereo front/rear systems that requires little space. The BRT (Boosted Rail Technology) is an ultra efficient design that generates 300 Watts of power! The BRT also has a variable hi-level DC offset turn-on circuit for easy installation into any OEM system. Great for motorcycles and recreational vehicles. Available at all authorised dealers now!

Manufacturers' Links

Rockford Fosgate
EB Acoustics
Flux Audio
Lightning Audio
Metra Electronics
Road Navi
Sound Magus
Tchernov Cables

Technical features:

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Subwoofer enclosure calculator

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Tchernov - Click on image for more information.
Tchernov Cable

Rockford Fosgate - iPhone App - Click on image for more information.
iPhone Application for Rockford fosgate

STP Soundproofing Application - How to do it here!

Rockford Fosgate - Power T3 speakers- Click on image for more information.
RF Power T3 Speakers

Rockford Fosgate - Power T5 speakers- Click on image for more information.
RF Power T5 speakers

Rockford Fosgate - Prime Shallow Subwoofer- Click on image for more information.
RF Prime Shallow Sub

Rockford Fosgate - Punch Amplifier - Click on image for more information.
RF Punch Amplifier - P500X4D

Hamotech - New! Now available at all authorised dealers!
Hamotech Amplifier

Sound Magus - New! Now available at all authorised dealers!
Sound Magus DSP

Check out this Lightning Products
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Tchernov Cables

The Design of TCHERNOVAUDIO CABLES are based on three basic principles:

• Using the highest quality raw materials for all elements of the cable design,
• Designed and calibrated design - Aimed at solving specific problems
• Thorough quality control - Before the finished product will get to your hands. Click here to read more.

Flux Audio

Innovative Sound Pleasure
Flux Audio, a name that will resonate in the realm of High End Car Audio loudspeakers. Click here for more information.


Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate just launched a new series of Power, Punch and Prime loudspeakers: bigger, better, louder! Click here for more information.


EB Acoustics

The loudspeaker with the Italian touch! Click here for more information.


A new standard in soundproofing technology! Click here for more information.